Blackberry Torch 9860
Blackberry Torch 9860
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Blackberry Torch 9860 Repairs

Sequels, not unlike their silver screen counterparts, rarely do so well in the mobile computing market. Eager buyers are swirled in all the hype and unkind reviews, borne of unrealistic expectations are commonplace.

When Blackberry released the Torch 9860, there were no marching bands, parades or circuses to herald its coming. In a simple press conference, Research in Motion announced the upgrade of the Torch 9800. This would not have sufficed, not in every single way, except that they were lying.

In many ways, the Torch 9860 raised the bar for the Blackberry and possibly all of its consequent releases. It was less of an upgrade but by and large, more of a Torch 2.0. It featured a redesigned front cover and shed over 15% of its weight but packed nearly twice the RAM and processing speeds. It was an iconoclast of sorts as it was one of the first few units to ditch the QWERTY keyboard and could shoot High Definition Videos - something that has been clearly missing from all of RIM's products in the past.

In the Torch 9860, we saw that that the prodigy has matured. It is "the best Blackberry ever" that the original Torch never was.

What's wrong with your Blackberry Torch 9860?

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