Blackberry 8800
Blackberry 8800
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Blackberry 8800 Repairs

Including: 8800 & 8820

Up until the 8800 and 8820 nearly all the smartphones (or PDAs as they were known then) looked like heavy beasts of burden, where the people of the Square Mile hacked away over hurried lunches or brisk strides. The 8800 changed all of that by being the first sexy smartphone.

Research in Motion went well out of its way to ditch the conventional block design and came up with the modern Blackberry form factor; that welded seamless on the user's hands. The original trackball was taken out in favor of a click and jog wheel with four-way scrolling that helped increase productivity by large margins.

These revolutionary elements grew well into the Blackberry's original market share and started the decline of the likes of the Palm Treo.

What's wrong with your Blackberry 8800?

Icon: Other Problems / Diagnostic Inspection Service Other Problems / Diagnostic Inspection Service
Not sure of the problem with your Blackberry - book it in for an inspection and send it in for us to diagnose and respond. One of our Engineers will check your handset and send you a quote via email- if your happy with the quote we will fix it and if not you only pay the diagnostic fee and return postage.
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Other Problems / Diagnostic Inspection Service

Icon: LCD broken / No display LCD broken / No display
This fault is when the screen looks like it has a ink stain, or no display at all
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 LCD broken / No display

Icon: Plastic lens Plastic lens
This is when the display is working ok but the cover of the screen is damaged
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Plastic lens

Icon: Trackball scoller problem Trackball scoller problem
This is when the centre trackball or side scroller is not working properly
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Trackball scoller problem

Icon: Keypad problems Keypad problems
One or more buttons are not working on the keypad
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Keypad problems

Icon: Charging / USB connector Charging / USB connector
The connector for the charger is either not charging the phone, or you cannot connect it to the computer
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Charging / USB connector

Icon: Complete housing Complete housing
This includes the front, chassis and battery cover
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Complete housing

Icon: Front housing Front housing
This is a new front cover
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Front housing

Icon: Chassis Chassis
This is the side and back housing
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Chassis

Icon: Battery cover Battery cover
This is a new cover for the battery
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Battery cover

Icon: Liquid damage Liquid damage
If the phone has been damaged by water or liquid and is now not working properly
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Liquid damage

Icon: Software errors problems Software errors problems
This is when the Blackberry is having problems with normal operation, e.g. crashing constantly
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Software errors problems

Icon: Unlock Unlock
This is so that you can use the Blackberry on any other network
Select repair: Blackberry 8800 Unlock

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