Bieber, Redknapp and Embarrassing Downtimes: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Blackberry

Software engineers, app developers and the bigwigs that troll the halls of the higher echelons of power in the mobile phone market all agree that Blackberry is nearly immortal (not unlike Megatron whom we’ve seen get ripped apart to shreds, disemboweled and decapitated only to survive to the sequel).

Whether you’re a holdover from the days when all the BBM profiles wore suits (with pagers on belt hoops, optional) or you’re looking to jump the bandwagon on the next best thing since sliced bread (or Twitter banning Justin Bieber from its list of trending topics), here are some things you should consider before buying a Blackberry.


It’s a Bespoke Platform.

Research in Motion’s Blackberry OS is probably one of the most important platforms ever released to the mobile phone market. It’s something that isn’t unlike what Ayrton Senna was to Formula One or what Harry Redknapp was to tactics. These people approached their fields with an unencumbered manner that drove their competition to madness.

Absent all that fuss and faff, you have the freedom to make your handset truly yours. If you’re running a business, then load it up with apps like World Clock 4-in-1 for tracking business hours from across the pond or anywhere else; throw in an elegant slider lock for Executives. If you’re an avid fan of the social media, the new OS comes stocked with Twitter and Facebook.


There’s a BB for Everybody.

Even if the big boys who run the better part of the show come up with dozens of more powerful phones, they’ll certainly be outclassed by the sheer number of units from the Blackberry Family Album. There’s no one-phone-fits-all sell here because there’s a BB for everybody.

If your idea of studying for an exam involves taking plenty of photos of your fancy new hairdo, then the Torch 9810’s camera’s perfect for you. With its seamless integration and geo-tagging, you can upload it for the world to see.

If you plan on building an empire, then look into the corporate options for Blackberry plans. Most governments use them because their security is at least three to five years ahead of others.

And even if you have hands of Petr Cech, you won’t be disappointed by the keyboard on the new Curve. There isn’t a lot of love lost on the tactile functionality coming from the QWERTY against any capacitive touchscreen in the market today.


You Don’t Choose Your Network.

            Your network chooses you. No, this isn’t some cryptic handwriting on the wall but until the major carriers are shaken from their apparent stupor, consumers will always be at the mercy of their poor service and inconsistent data streaming speeds.

As for the Blackberry Messenger, it’s as reliable as instant messaging gets. It’s the best in its class for good reason. But even when the occasional downtime happens; the Apple fans and Android Groupies have a field day. Be prepared to be embarrassed from time to time.

In fine, before buying a Blackberry you should:

  • Know what you want and how you want it from your Blackberry
  • Plan how you’ll customize your handset for all those needs
  • Find a good and reliable network

What do you look for in a Blackberry? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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