10 ways to keep your Blackberry in Tip Top Condition


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When it comes to keeping your blackberry device safe you can do this by following 10 simple steps. For most of us our blackberries are very important and are used all the time. Here are 10 ways to keep your blackberry in tip top conditions.

Sweep away unwanted applications– Simply go through your phone and uninstall or remove those apps and games that you just don’t play anymore or use. You can always re-download them later if you decide that you do want that app or that game that you removed or uninstalled.

House clean your icons– You can do this by moving them to a folder or you can simply hide them. The last thing you want to do is to keep your home screen cluttered up with too many icons.

Trash old text and email messages– By having too many text messages and emails on your device that may not be important you are using up space and available flash memory.

Dust off those old Photos and Videos– Simple by freeing up your memory on your phone by taking those old photos and videos and transferring them to your computer or by simply deleting them if they’re not important.

Empty your browser’s cache regularly– By simple clearing out all those sites that you visit you will see a better performance on your blackberry device.

Save power by turning down the lights– When you turn down the brightness of your screen backlight you will conserve power and it will increase the usage time you have on a single charge.

Tidy up your contacts– By deleting those contacts that you no longer use will free up some of the memory you could be using for something more important.

Cleaning means the same in every language– When you remove unused languages you will find a increase in your flash memory on your phone.

Use shortcuts- When you use shortcuts you will be able to access common features quicker and easier and you will conserve your battery power.

Redecorate for Spring– By using one of the many cases, pocket or skins to protect your phone you will help keep your phone safer from damages.

Since most of us use our blackberry devices for everything from making simple phone calls to doing everything that has to do with surfing the internet and even work related things. Our Blackberry devices are very important. Not to mention that the blackberry devices aren’t cheap, so the first thing we want to do is keep it safe. So, by simply visiting the computer and putting in 10 ways to keep your blackberry in tip top condition into your search engine you will find plenty of ways to keeping your blackberry in the best of conditions. With their step by step directions on how to do it, and keep your phone safe and keep your money in your pocket by not spending more money then you have too by having someone else fix it for you when you can do it yourself.

If you’re Blackberry isn’t in tip top condition and you need to get it repaired – you should think about either brining it to our London Shop, or using our Nationwide Blackberry Repair service.